Corporate vision: to become a pioneer in global environmental protection;Corporate mission: undertake social responsibility and contribute to human environmental protection;Enterprise tenet: create value for customers.

Hefei Hengxin Life think highly of technological innovation and established the PLA Applied Technology and Science Research Institute. At present, it has more than 60 patents at home and abroad. It is a VP company under the Specialized Committee of Degradable Plastics of CPPIA and the Flexography Branch of PTAC,and is awarded of the 3rd and 5th Contribution Award for “Promotion of Biology Base and Biodegradable Materials Technology and Application.

In the condition of market economy, all our business achievements must be tested by the market, and all innovations create benefits for enterprises and value for customers. It is the inherent foundation of innovation to stimulate employees' innovation consciousness and cultivate employees' creativity, which is the top priority of establishing a learning organization. Therefore, through the common vision and various incentive methods, the continuous implementation of new management concepts, the gradual optimization of the internal environment , so that the enterprise has sustained innovation ability.