• Early 1990s

    Keep up with the tide of reform and opening up, and first involve in the computer typesetting industry;
  • 1997

    Hefei Hengxin Printing Co., Ltd. was officially established to start plate making and printing;
  • 2000

    The enterprise changed from printing service to product manufacturing, and launched the first paper cup production line, formally entering the disposable tableware industry.
  • 2004

    Products exported overseas, it marks Heng Xin products have been recognized by foreign customers;
  • 2005

    Taking the lead in introducing flexographic printing technology in China and building a production base covering an area of 14 mu, Hengxin's business has reached a new level;
  • 2008

    The financial crisis swept the world, Hengxin bucked the trend and took the lead in launching PLA paper cup in China, marking Hengxin's transition from traditional products to environmental protection products;
  • 2010

    Hengxin has obtained the right of self operated import and export and the pass to enter the international market;
  • 2012

    It acquired Guangdong Robin biochemical and renamed Anhui Hengxin environmental protection new material Co., Ltd., enriching the company's PLA product line
  • 2013

    Entered Hefei Shuangfeng economic development zone and further expanded the production scale;
  • 2014

    Set up Jilin Hengxin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and to provide supporting products to catering giants;
  • 2015

    Jilin COFCO biomaterials Co., Ltd. was jointly established to build a production line with an annual output of 30000 tons raw materials of polylactic acid, and 30000 tons products of polylactic acid; 
  • 2018

    With the further strengthening of the management and control of domestic waste classification in Shanghai, Hengxin environmental  judged the situation and established Shanghai Yike Environmental Science & Technology Co., Ltd;
  • 2020

    In response to the "plastic ban order" of Hainan Province, Hainan Hengxin Life Science & Technology Co., Ltd. was established on June 30. The project covers an area of 50 mu and has an annual output of 12000 tons of biodegradable disposable tableware;
  • 2020

    Bengbu Hengxin environmental new material Co., Ltd. has settled in the Guzhen Economic Development Zone of Bengbu City, the country's first industrial demonstration base characterized by bio based materials;
  • 2021

    Wuhan Hengxin Life Science & Technology Co., Ltd. was established. Hengxin life takes paper and polylactic acid (hereinafter referred to as "PLA") as the main raw materials to develop, produce and sell high-end paper products and plastic tableware;