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Polylactic acid (PLA)--the most promising green and eco-friendly material in 21th century
is beneath the attention of people from various industries and environmentalists all over the world because of itsexcellent performance, widely used, produced from renewable resources and replace non-renewable oil resources. It is a kind of biobased material which possibly form large-scale commercial production,and it has unique industrialization advantage. Nowadays, on the occasion of people all over the world advocating “ Energy saving & carbon reducing” , our country is strengthening the control on food packaging industry step by step. As biobased material, PLA would be able to replace traditional plastic in lots of areas by excellent performanceAnd the waste can be composted or landfill, 100% biodegradable into carbon dioxide and water.Applying PLA, which is a new green material made from renewable resources(like corn starch), to disposable tableware and food packaging containers to a greater extent to meet the requirements of environmental protection.

Hengxin Life values technical innovation and has founded the scientific institute for PLA application technology. Currently, with over 60 different patents at domestic and abroad,It is a VP company under the Degradable Plastics Committee of CPPIA and the Flexography Branch of PTAC, and is awarded of the 3rd and 5th Contribution Award for "Promotion of Biology Base and Biodegradable Materials Technology and Application".