Pay attention to the purchase of paper cups, four looks, one sense and one judgment

Because of its convenience and practicality, disposable paper cups have become common drinking utensils for many families and companies to entertain guests. Many consumers go to supermarkets and street shops to buy at will, but they do not care if they find water leakage and peculiar smell, and do not realize that they buy unqualified paper cups. Paper cups are disinfection products that need strict examination and approval before they can be produced and sold, but the quality of disposable paper cups sold on the market is uneven. How to choose a qualified paper cup, so that we drink more safe?The Staff of Health supervision institute in Yantai City told the public ways to distinguish from the quality of products.

Firstly,look at the sanitary license number on the label:According to the revelant regulations of the government, disposable paper cups can be produced after obtaining the sanitation license issued by the local provincial or municipal health administration department, so the format of the sanitary license number should be:(provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government for short)license No(issuing date).

Secondly, look at the marked production date:Disposable paper cups belong to disinfection products and have a shelf life (mostly two years). In fact, many products on sale are not marked with the production date, and some marked are difficult to see. Consumers must check whether the product is clearly marked with the production date when they choose and buy.

Thirdly, Look at the tightness of packing: the inspection found that the packaging seal of the peper cups is only a simple adhesive paper, consumers can easily open it, so the sanitary status of this paper cup is difficult to ensure.

Fourthly, look at the appearance:Do not think the whiter the color of the cup, the more sanitary it is,  some paper cups manufacturers add the fluorescent whitening agent into the original paper to make the cups whiter,  these substances will do harms to the health once come into human bodies.

Fifthly,to choose paper cups with thick and firm sides, paper cups that don't hold well are soft when pinch it, after pouring into water or drinks, It will distort badly when handled, and affect the use. When choosing a paper cup, you can gently squeeze the sides of the cup with your hands,then you can know the quality of the cup roughly.    

Last but not in the Least, Judging by the use: disposable paper cups for daily use are divided into cold drinking cups and hot drinking cups. According to the different coating materials, they are divided into wax coating, paint film  and film coating. There is usually a layer of food wax on the surface of the cold cup, which is very stable and safe at 0℃ to 5℃. However, as long as the water temperature exceeds 62℃, the wax will melt and is not suitable for boiling water to make tea.The surface of the hot drinking cups is a layer of special film, which not only has good heat resistance, but also poisonless and harmless when soaked in a hot drinks,The Staff of Health supervision institute suggests the public taking notice of the difference, making the right choice according to the purpose.

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